"Olympus XZ-1 ISO Smackdown" - Digital Photography Podcast 267

The Olympus XZ-1 provides most of the features you'd ever want in a compact camera - super bright f/1.8 lens, hot shoe, accessory port, and captures in Raw. But how does it perform in low light at the higher ISO settings? This week, I put the XZ-1 up against my current compact favorite, the Canon S90, to see who survives the ISO smackdown.

You can see the test images for yourself, and read about the results, by checking out Olympus XZ-1 ISO Test 100-3200.

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Hi Derrick

I normally catch you on TWiP but noticed this link because I just bought an XZ1 myself. They are still really difficult to get hold of in the UK. It was tough choosing between the XZ1, LX5 and S95. I have a 5D2 and I wanted something pocketable, high quality and that would not get taken off me at concerts. The zoom range and "fast at both ends" lens is what sold me. I have only had a chance for a brief play so far but its a nice camera to use once you have got used to the menu options. I haven't played with the Art modes but they could be fun as you have the RAW without the effect baked in. I didn't realise about the wireless flash.

Having been heavily into DSLR video since I got my 5D it was a little difficult to get a camera that I knew was probably behind Canon & Lumix. The lack of RAW compatibility is also a worry. There is support for the XZ1 in the latest ACR beta. This is nicer to use than the Olympus converter. For me I have my fingers crossed for Aperture or DXO support as I use these more.


Andrew, you and me both have our fingers crossed for Aperture support. The sooner the better, as far as I'm concerned.

Also, for portraits, try the "softener" art filter. It's pretty good...


Been playing with ACR beta a bit more. The default settings can be a bit heavy handed on low light shots but I found with a bit of fiddling you could get rid of most of the chroma noise without the mushiness that you can see in the jpgs.

On well exposed shots the ACR defaults immediately seem to give more detail and contrast than the jpgs.