Portrait at Dusk, McAllen Texas

McAllen Texas is a changing city. I spent a couple hours this evening hanging out at the new convention center that has become a community area for locals. I saw a wedding party taking photos, families relaxing on the green, couples portraits, children playing, and people just enjoying the balmy breeze at twilight.

Portrait at Dusk, McAllen Texas Portrait at Dusk -- Captured with a Canon S90, ISO 1000, 1/20th at f/3.5. Photo by Derrick Story. Click on image for larger version.

I asked a few locals about the reported border violence. "Yes, there are certainly areas you must avoid," said one. "Down by the river there are encampments and lots of guns." But there was none of that tonight in the convention area that featured beautiful grounds, restaurants, and shops now open for business.

No one seemed happier about this, than a young couple, posing for a portrait in front of an illuminated fountain as the sun dipped below the horizon.

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Derrick I sent you a tweet requesting to meet you since I saw that you are in McAllen, Texas. But then I saw your post about your reservations due to the border situation, and thought that you were probably cautious (and rightly so) about meeting fans in person. Anyway, keep up the good work. I've always recommend The Digital Photography Pocketbook to anyone who has an initial interest in photography.

I must have missed your Tweet! I'd like very much to meet and talk shop. Please send me email and we'll set something up - Derrick(at)thedigitalstory( dot com)