Lowepro CompuDay Photo 150 in San Francisco

This project recorded with an Olympus XZ-1 and Canon T3i, both shot at 720p. The studio demo footage employed the Rode VideoMic Pro plugged into the external mic jack of the T3i. The SF footage was captured with the XZ-1 without any accessories.

The Lowepro CompuDay Photo 150($65) is a messenger bag designed specifically for photographers. It has a clever camera compartment that allows access on-the-go to your DSLR, or that can be compressed when not in use to reclaim space in the bag.

I have a nice demo on the CompuDay Photo 150, then I take it on a business appointment in San Francisco to meet with pro shooter, Mikkel Aaland.

I really enjoy using the Lowepro CompuDay Photo 150for this type of work. I can carry up to a 17" laptop, DSLR, iPad, and misc gear, while not attracting attention to myself. Perfect for the urban environment.

Thanks to Mikkel Aaland for his help with this project.

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LOWEPRO again? sorry but for me this is too much advertising stuff and i will delete your feed from RSS reader.

Best of luck to you Gerhard!

I actually enjoy seeing the different Lowepro bags and how they work.

I too like seeing the videos on the Lowepro bags.

Thanks for posting, Derrick. Lowepro looks like it's done a lot right with this bag, but it's just shy of perfect for me. I really like the water bottle pocket on one side and the camera hatch on the other: both are inspired touches. I would like to see a couple features for the bag, though, that it seems to lack. First, I'd like some tie down straps like the Timbuk2 camera bag has. They are great for stowing a jacket or tripod. Second, I'd like to see a zippered pocket in the rear for documents or magazines. A few more color options would be nice, too.

One question: would an E-P1 be too small for the camera pouch? It looks like it's sized for a normal-sized DSLR. That would of course be a deal-breaker for me. If I could use the cinch strap to make the compartment smaller so the EP-1 wouldn't move much, that would be pretty cool.

Before I get to your question Rohith, I want to comment that this blog is in part the story of my life as a photographer. So I write about what I'm working on, and along the way, I hope there are interesting bits for you guys. This video is done with consumer cameras, and I think that is kind of fun.

The bag itself works great with the Oly PENs. I actually put an accessory lens in there too, and love having enough room for both.

Thanks guys!


Thanks for the reply! One more question, if you don't mind: is there any sort of strap retainer in the pocket? It would really handy if I could clip in my camera strap so that if I accidentally drop my camera when quickly pulling the camera out of the pocket, I'd be covered.

And I hope you don't feel like you need to defend yourself here. This site and community can't be cheap to maintain, and if the bills aren't being paid by a subscription, they have to be paid for by advertising. Like your friend Rick Sammon says, it takes a lot of peanuts to feed an elephant, and LowePro is one of your peanuts. In fact, I really appreciate that relevant companies like Lowepro and Red River Paper are supporting this endeavor.

There isn't a strap retainer in the camera compartment, but it you watch the video again, you'll see that there is a tray with sides at the opening. This seems to work well for safe removal. I've been using the bag for months and haven't had any accidents with my gear.

If I had a complaint about the camera compartment, it is that sometimes when the bag is full, it's not as easy to get the camera back in the compartment as it was to take it out.

Hi Derrick, Loved the video feed. I have been researching for a bag to carry my Nikon D90 with the 18-55 VR lense, and I need to carry my laptop and have enough room for: personal note book (hand-written), 1-2 magazines, usually a photography book, pens, blackberry, chargers (camera+laptop), sd cards, tissues, and some other miscellaneous stuff.
What I like about the lowepro compuday 150 is that it hides the camera from sight when openning the top cover of the bag, which is very nice for professional-work purposes.
I do have some questions, though:
1. Is the bottom of the bag "padded"/protected? You know, when putting the bag on the floor, does it protect well the camera and the laptop?
2. I assume the exterior is made with a water resistant material (right?), but when it rains, is it easy for water to get inside the bag? (since it doesn't have the possibility of zippering it).
3. When going downtown in the City, is it easy for anybody to stick their hands in and steal something? (you know, at subway or crowded places where you might not notice it - pick pocketing).
4. I see the shoulder strap is "sewn" into the bag. From your experience, since you must have had it already for a while, will the strap btrake easily if the bag is fully packed on a regular basis?
5. I also see the shoulder strap is not padded. Is it comfortable if worn for long periods of time on a daily basis or will I need to add a padded shoulder strap to it?
6. I will also need it for international travel purposes... Does it comply with regulatory flight standards as personal luggage for in-flight storage?
Sorry for asking so many questions, but after researching for a while I am debating between the Lowepro and the Tenba Large Messenger.
Do you have any thoughts on the latter compared to the Lowepro?
Again, thank you very much for your help!!! Cheers

This is a very fine and honest review.

I love this bag.

I have bought so many bags in the past years, that is not in use for one reason or another, too big, too small, was not the right allowed size for airports and so on,

... but this is fantastic, I can even press my D3X into it (from the side) if only mounted with 50mm - yes I have to press, and I can not recommend it, but it c a n work, if you really need it.

And then you can have some lenses and also your laptop and some papers and passport.

They only need to mount some soft thing for the shoulder strap, but I have done that myself.

They could also give it a better foring, but I have also done that myself with some fine bubble, because the life on a plane and airports can be rough for your fine equipment.

Lowe pro has a winner here, and with few alterations it is the very best bag, if you do not need too carry too much equipment.