"Multiple Revenue Streams for Freelancers" - Digital Photography Podcast 271

Photography is a fantastic part time job. It can help pay for your equipment or supplement your regular income. A strategy I recommend for building your business is to develop multiple revenue streams. In this week's episode, I explain this concept and provide a few examples for you to consider.

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I just unsubscribed to this podcast. Encouraging others to enter this profession when the market for photography is so diluted and depressed is just irresponsible. If you want to get into this business find a photographer who needs an assistant and work for him, that is if he has enough business to hire you. I know, I know, it is a free country you can say and do whatever you can get away with. That is why I am no longer listening to podcasts, blogs, etc that take advantage of the hopeful, but ignorant.

Best of luck to you Burt!

I have a few comments on your last podcast that are hopefully less harsh and I intend to continue listening..... (c8

You mentioned your 4 income streams -
Training (linda.com)
Lowepro (consulting)
Books & magazines

It made me chuckle that not a single one of these involved actually taking pictures. You have evolved your business into a post-photography business! I may have missed this, but I don't think you mentioned your hands-on training seminars. Even if you include the seminars, you still have no direct photography revenue (where someone is paying you to take pictures).
Best Regards, PCH

Actually, nothing could be further from the reality of the situation, PCH.

Every one of my revenue streams requires photography. Where do you think those images come from on The Digital Story? When I write a magazine article, I have to supply the photos that go with it. Why do you think Lowepro hired me? Answer: Because I'm a photographer who can cover their events. Check out the LoweproBags Facebook Fan page. This is also the case with my lynda.com work.

I'm anything but post-photography. And this is exactly the thinking that I'm trying to help photographers overcome.

I didn't mean to give a negative impression - I just thought it was pretty cool. There are enough different photography revenue streams that someone can make a living in the industry they love without actually having to sell photographs. It's like a baseball player who is no longer playing for a professional team. He can - coach, manage, write, announce, endorse, etc. None of these would actually involve hitting a ball for a paycheck. You would still consider your job to be in baseball.

I was just surprised that you didn't mention any studio work (you talk about your studio) or your seminars. I have no idea what you do on a day to day basis and I'm probably way off track. I just thought your list of revenue stream was incomplete from what I thought it was based upon listening to your podcast for the past few years.

Best regards,

I do get your point, PCH, and thanks for commenting.

I didn't list everything that I do because that was so much the point. I did list a few examples to help folks get the concept.

I do shoot in the studio, etc. But those are the types of jobs that people commonly think of in the life of a photographer. My goal was more to expand beyond that.

Thanks for being a listener of the show.