Canon Rebel T3i Review from a Mac Perspective

Macworld Magazine has published my full review of the Canon EOS Rebel T3i from a Mac perspective. In terms of base performance, this model is very similar to the excellent Canon T2i. But the few changes that were added are noteworthy.

Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS Zoom Lens Canon EF-S 18-135mm IS Zoom Lens mounted on a EOS Rebel T3i. Click on image for larger size. Photo by Derrick Story.

Here are my pros and cons from the review.


  • Beautiful and useful Vari Angle 3-inch LCD (new to Rebels)
  • Wireless flash transmitter for multiple flashes (new to Rebels)
  • Robust movie recording options including full HD (Improved)
  • External mic jack
  • Clear, easy to use menu system and onscreen controls
  • Excellent image quality, even at ISO 1600
  • Versatile 18-135mm kit lens option provides all in one solution


  • Some physical controls (such as Display button) oddly placed
  • Lack of single button movie recording
  • Auto White Balance struggles in most indoor lighting conditions--a traditional Canon weakness

You might also want to note that this camera received 4.5 Mice, a rating that is rarely awarded to digital cameras. As for the Mac side of the equation, the T3i is already supported in Aperture and iPhoto. And its bundled software runs very well on Mac OS X. Plus, the video compression is H.264 for its captured movies, so you can drop them right on to your computer and start enjoying.

If you use a Mac and like shooting Canon, the Rebel T3i is an excellent DSLR for sophisticated consumers.

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Nice succinct review. I can't find info on whether or not the T3i supports OS 10.4 and see that there are either no drivers for that OS or none are needed. I'm only using my old G4 for downloading and editing photos so am at a loss about whether or not I can use this camera.
Any info on this would be appreciated.

Remote opperation of the Rebel T3i via EOS Utility does not work on Mac OS X 10.4 (tiger). EOS Utility 2.10, which comes with the camera, cannot be installed and EOS Utility 2.4, which runs under mac 10.4 does not recognise the camera. Downloading the pictures from the camera works fine.

So, how do you download the pictures from the T3i camera on to a Mac with 10.4?