M.I.C. CF Card Reader for the iPad: Does it Work?

When I first posted the story about the M.I.C. CF Card Reader for the iPad, I received mail saying that it wouldn't work for a variety of reasons. I now have the card reader connected to my first generation iPad, and I can say that it transferred full sized Jpegs off the CF card from my Canon 5D Mark II without a hitch. Ditto for Raw files.


I then connected the iPhone to its USB port (yes, the reader is dual function), and downloaded shots I had taken on a recent trip to Florida -- again without incident.

I also found M.I.C. easy to work with. I ordered the CF Card Reader from their web site and was kept up to date via email on when the device would ship. And it arrived in my mail box as promised.

The CF Card Reader sells for $29.90, and is advertised to work with both generations of iPad. I can vouch that it lives up to its promise with the original iPad running the latest iOS software.

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I received mine last week. I found it works with my Transcend 16GB 400x cards, but not with the Transcend 32GB 400x ones.

I should add that this was with an iPad2.

I was using Lexar 16 GB cards successfully.

I've the 3 in 1, and it works well too. The CF is currently en route, so I should have it by the end of the week. Glad to hear it works ok.

I suspect that this could be hit an miss with high-end cards. The problem is that UDMA 5,6,7 all take a little bit more power to run, and the larger the card, the little bit more power it takes.

So, I have a feeling a 64GB UDMA 6 or 7 card wouldn't work.

I wish these readers would have a small battery to augment the iPad's power.

Just a quick note that I've posted a video review of the device at http://youtu.be/HAB0uXMkl98 if you'd like to see it in action. Really happy with it.