Tablets: If You Use a Mac, Go iPad


There are some good tablet discussions online about iPad 2 vs Android. My bottom line recommendation is, if you're using a Mac or an iPhone, then go with iPad 2 for your tablet. Those not committed to either iOS or Android have some research to do. To help you get started, I found a good article on cameradojo, My Take on Android Tablets vs iPad. You won't get a definitive answer, but you will have lots of good information to think about.

If you want a definitive answer, then go iPad 2.

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I certainly don't think that the iPad 2 is a definitive answer. It depends on what you are doing with it. The iPad is an excellent media delivery device while the Android is striving to be more of a productivity tool. After using the iPad and iPad 2 I settled on the Motorola XOOM because it is better for what "I" do. So I don't think you can tell people that one is better than they other as a completely generalized statement.

I agree with you Derrick, iPad is definitely the way to go. I've looked at the Galaxy Tab and the XOOM, they're beautiful but the support, eco system and app store for iPad can't be beat.

There isnt one final solution. It all depends on user. i've taken the Android way, but will not argue with others who havent - they might have different opinion and needs