"Be Ready Before You Go" - Digital Photography Podcast 279

One of the many things we learned as our workshop crew prepared to photograph the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival, was to have your camera ready before leaving the hotel. We had a good plan to capture the "dawn patrol" balloon lighting at 5am. But things don't always go exactly as planned. Here's the story of our adventure, and how we almost missed some great shots. Almost.

Fraternal Twins "Fraternal Twins" by Derrick Story from the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Festival. You can see the entire gallery here.

You might enjoy the article, More Hot Air than Usual at the TDS Summer Workshop, written and illustrated by the workshop participants as part of their assignment over the weekend. And you can see the entire gallery of photographs from the balloon festival, with a selection of shots from each participant.

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We're making plans now for the Fall 2011 TDS Photography Workshop, which will be on Oct. 15-16, 2011. I'm also considering adding an Aperture Workshop in Nov. or Dec. If you want your name on the reserve list, or just more information, drop me a line.

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Love Doug's attitude toward the workshops. It's exactly my reason for wanting to take one. :-) I have no idea how well any photos will turn out while I'm there, but the real idea is to learn things and make my own photos better. That makes for a much more relaxing and fun time!

Since I am not a professional photographer, all of my photos would be in your grab shot category. When I go out on the weekends either for walks or to go somewhere like the local gardens, etc... I get my camera ready and walk out with it ready to go as it is. Sometimes I have to think of how to get a shot - especially if I decide that day is "50mm" day. Whatever lens is on the camera that's usually the only lens I have with me. It challenges me to look around for the shots I want.

I have started my packing list for August and one of the big things is to remember to bring my second battery and charger! Now THAT would be like me to forget something so basic.

Hi Teresa,

Most people who attend TDS workshops are "passionate photographers," not pros. When you're working with us, your pictures will look great, because you will be put in the position, and have the support, to let your ability shine through. I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone exclaim, "I can't believe I just took that shot!"