Gallery 2 from TDS Member Photo of the Day

Anna's Hummingbirds

The second gallery of TDS Member Photo of the Day images is now complete and ready for viewing. Each photo includes commentary by me discussing why I think the image is inspiring.

Each day, a new shot is featured at our community that gathers around the TDS Facebook Fan page. If you want to learn more about being a part of this terrific photography endeavor, check out the article, Why You'll Like TDS on Facebook.

Something new too... Flickr has added a Lightbox feature for viewing galleries. I highly recommend trying it for this one. You can let it autoplay, or click forward and backward manually. It's a stylish way to present these beautiful images.

Featured photo, "Anna's Humingbirds" by TDS Member Ken Phenicie Jr. Click on the image to learn more about Ken and his work.

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Great tip about the new Flickr Lightbox feature. Haven't used it but will now!

It's a fairly new feature, and I think it makes for a better viewing experience. Glad you're going to check it out Craig.