"Preserving Your Best" - Digital Photography Podcast 277

I saw an interview with a photography professor who commented that many of today's memories are being recorded on mobile phones, and those images often aren't downloaded off the device. That got me thinking about the challenge of preserving our important moments and best work. In a sense, this week's episode is Part 2 to the Dealing with My Past show. I have an idea about how we can preserve our best work, and that's what I talk about today.

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I found "Preserving your Best" to be very interesting and something I'd like to try. One question - you reference getting a portfolio to put prints in. What sorts of things do you recommend? I've often looked through what is available on the web and just get confused, and wind up doing nothing!

Hi Jim, Here's a link to the portfolio books I've been using. They are fairly affordable, less than $20.

Itoya Art Profolio Evolution Storage/Display Book 13 in. x 19 in.

I had the same question about the portfolios so thank you for the link.

What about an easy system to show 13x19 inch photos on the wall at home?
I have glued borderless photos to foam core and pinned them to the wall and I like the simple look of displaying the photos that way. But is there an even easier option to display photos on the wall without formal frames or gluing that would allow a very quick and easy exchange of photos each month or each quarter?

I like the portfolio idea but I would like to show my most current photos on the wall if I can find an easy way to change them out regularly.

Preserving your best & digging thru the past photos is so on-point for me right now. Most of my photos are on my computer - I am a photo enthusiast, not a Pro so I don't often print any larger than 4x6 because of the daunting task of the print end of things. Now I've been asked to sell some photos and to show in a gallery plus a gift shop. Monitor calibration, color space, paper selection, size, mat or frame or metal oh my! WYSI not WYG so I'm very frustrated w/ this output of my work. I need to connect w/ a great prof. printer to guide me. You never know when you might be asked to show/sell your work, so get some ready to put out there. Past photos review has been interesting since now I have A3 & some cool presets, etc....I'm re-visiting old photos which were just so,so and jazzing them into WOW!