"Create Your Own Cloud" - Digital Photography Podcast 281

There are a variety of cloud services available these days, including Apple's new iCloud. But what if you wanted to create your own cloud? I've been testing the Iomega Personal Cloud, the Segate BlackArmor network drive, and the Buffalo Cloudstor (which I didn't have working when I recorded the podcast, but I do now and like it a lot). In this week's episode, I explore the idea of creating your own storage cloud online, and share some of my initial experiences doing so.

I also have published a follow up article about the Buffalo Cloudstor. When I recorded the podcast, the Cloudstor wasn't online yet, in part because of a change I made to the drive configuration. Now that I have it working, I like it the best of the three drives I cover in this episode. So after you listen the the podcast, you may want to read Personal Cloud Storage for Photographers.

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My Old Mac's Terrabyte drive just filled up, and I am looking into buying some network attached storage. How is your equipment working. Have you any experience or heard of other products. I am having trouble sifting through my shots and seem to be keeping more than I need. (I guess that's why I'm running out of disk space so quickly) Do you have any tips and tricks for sifting and choosing shots to keep and shots to cull. Also, do you have a current comparison between Apeture, LightRoom and iPhoto. How large of a database can I create in each before I get myself into trouble. Thanks. ahd.