Ideas on How to Change Your Photography

How to Change Your Photography

If I've learned nothing else over the years, I've grasped the concept that photography is an evolving medium. I think this is a good thing because it encourages us, as individuals, to grow too.

I just read 22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever. There are many good ideas in this article worth considering. Try one or two yourself. It might provide that little kick-start you're looking for to go to the next level.

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Which item on that list are you going to start with / think is the most important? I think I'm going to try #16: Start a photo essay; sending a unified, coherent message with photos is way harder than simply taking pretty or technically good pictures.

Thanks for linking to inspiration!

Hi Laura, I think that's a great start. Lots of good things come out of creating a photo essay.