The Printing Room

The Printing Room

Here's a look inside the Printing Room at the TDS Studio in Santa Rosa, CA. This image was captured after a 3-day marathon session while I was assembling a new portfolio. (If you want to hear the process I use for that, check out the Clever Portfolio podcast.)

For the color work, I'm using the Epson R2000 13" printer ($349) with Epson Premium Luster paper and Red River Arctic Polar Luster 75 lb.. I connect to the R2000 using WiFi from the MacBook Pro located on the right side of the photograph. I always use Epson original ink for all my Epson printers.

B&W images are created with the Epson R2400 13" printer, mainly because I love the way the K3 ink set renders the images. I've been printing the B&W on Red River Aurora Art White stock, and the images look, and feel, fantastic. In fact, the image you see coming out of the R2400 is on that particular paper. For these images, I use the "Advanced B&W" setting on the R2400. It is connected to the MacBook Pro via a USB cable.

I make all of my prints using Aperture 3. I have presets for the different types of output, and that saves me a lot of time. During these marathon sessions, I bring my MacBook Air up to the printing room so I can work while the devices do their thing.

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I see you have the extra loooong Macbook Pro.

Yeah, it's the 17" + 16mm wide angle lens version :)