Upcoming lynda.com Title on Organizing and Archiving Images

We're putting the finishing touches today on my latest lynda.com title, "Organizing and Archiving Digital Photos" (you can see my entire library here). We've been working on this title for over a year, and I think there will be concepts in these movies that will help every shooter in our community.

Derrick Story Recording at lynda.com Derrick Story on the set of "Organizing and Archiving Digital Photos" at lynda.com

Unlike other titles that focus on a specific application, I start with basic organizational concepts, then show you how they can be applied to scenarios where you use Lightroom, Aperture, or just stick with the file management system in your operating system. We're both platform and application agnostic in this series. There are workflows for beginners, intermediate, and advanced alike. You choose which approach works best for you.

In general, I recorded the Aperture hands-on pieces on a Mac, and the Lightroom movies on Windows 7. Plus I cover RAID1 hard drives, LAN computing, and personal cloud storage. And... there are a few surprises.

I anticipate that the title will be released this September. If you want to be notified when it's live, just send me an email, and I will keep you posted, plus provide you links to key movies.

I'm passionate about this title because preserving your work, and being able to easily access it, is important for all of us.

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Great title choice Derrick! Looking forward to seeing the final product.


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