Super Nimble with Eye-Fi, iPhone & Compact Camera

Eye-Fi Update

When I noticed the latest iApp update from Eye-Fi, I tested it right away on my iPhone. Why such a hurry? Well, my super nimble photographer set-up consists of a Canon S90, Eye-Fi Pro SD card, and my iPhone. Everything fits in my pants pockets, yet, I have sophisticated controls on the S90 to make beautiful images and send the ones I want immediately to any of my social networking sites.

If you haven't tried the Eye-Fi iOS app for the iPhone or iPad, it's quite refined these days. The app itself is free. But of course you need an Eye-Fi card.

Simple Workflow

Eye-Fi Download

On the Canon S90, I shoot Raw+Jpeg. I've configured the Eye-Fi card to send any Jpeg I mark as "protected" to the iPhone. I have it ignore the Raw files all together. When I see a shot on the S90 that I want to publish, I simply launch the Eye-Fi app on the iPhone, then hit the protect button on the S90. Within a few seconds the Jpeg is transferred from camera to mobile phone.

Later, when back at the studio, I upload the Raw files in to Aperture as part of my normal photo management. So I'm getting the best of both worlds. I have the ability to capture high quality images in the field and publish them immediately, while still maintaining a Raw workflow for maximum quality when I need it.

For projects where I need finer control, I use a more robust version of this workflow - iPad with ShutterSnitch talking to an Olympus PEN with an Eye-Fi card. But for extreme nimbleosity, you can't beat the compact camera to iPhone workflow.

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Totally with you on this one. I use shuttersnitch on my iPhone all the time now. Most of my "artistic" post work is done on the phone anyway so it all works out nicely. Then when I get home I upload the matched RAWs in Aperture.

I have the exact same setup as you (s90/iPhone/ but how did you get direct mode to ignore RAW files? I shoot RAW+JPG and it sends both to my phone unless I delete the RAW. I can turn off RAW transfer to my computer, but I can't find a way to disable its transfer in direct mode.

Especially annoying is there's no obvious way to tell the difference batween the two once they're on the phone.

Never mind, I found it, you do it on the phone, not the card.

You go into the iOS app and go to:
Eye-Fi Card Settings
[Your Card]
Receive Media
RAW Photos [OFF]

Yes, you've got it! There's actually a fair amount of control with this workflow...