Apple's Announcement of My Next Camera


For many, Apple's announcement of the 5th generation iPhone is the next step in mobile communications. For me, it's my next camera.

The history of iPhone photography is a condensed chapter in the big book of digital imaging. With the first iPhone, we had a 2-megapixel camera with very few controls... much like our early compacts a decade ago. But now, with the latest unveiling of Apple's smartest of smart phones, we'll have a camera that can stand on its own 3 feet with most dedicated compacts. (Well, granted that you've found a way to mount it on a tripod.)

My point is, that we'll have legitimate megapixels, robust image processing, and a variety of software to choose from. It's a real camera. Plus, it includes GPS, cellular connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth, razor sharp screen -- and it even makes phone calls.

I'm sure I'll enjoy hearing about the wonders of iOS 5 and the increased horsepower under the hood of the new iPhone. But what I really want to do is go take pictures and see how they look in Aperture. Tuesday is new camera day.

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Derrick - here's a potential solution for your iPhone tripod needs.

Best wishes,
Mack Price

Hi Derrick,

I just watch the Apple Special Events video from today about the iPhone 4S along with other items. This included iCloud and the new IOS:

All I can say is WOW. The new iPhone 4S has a 8MG camera and can do 1080 video. From the demo they showed today the first shot took 1.5 second, but the second shot took only .5 seconds. With this new phone you do not even have to have a computer for updates. It all works through the iCloud. If you take a photo with the iPhone 4S it shows up on your iPad 2 and Mac computer without doing anything. Really cool.

I am still using the iPhone 3G but there is no question as I will get this new phone. From what I understand pre ordering starts next week.

Would I be correct and stating that I am pretty sure you will be doing a full review soon? With this new iPhone 4S is there really any need for a point and shoot? Only time will tell.



Yes, you are correct, Stu. I'm going to be doing a full review of the iPhone 4S as soon as I can get my hands on it. I'm going to order the first day they are available.

I'm pretty impressed with the camera specs. As you know from my post, I was betting that Apple was going to put more muscle into the camera. And they sure did!

More to report later this month...

Drop me a note, I'll send you a Gymbl.