Lowepro Debuts the Pro Messenger 200 AW High-Tech Retro Camera Bag


It looks like that comfy soft canvas bag from a previous era, but the new Lowepro Pro Messenger 200 AW camera bag is anything but old fashioned.

What feels like canvas is actually a high-tech fabric that is lighter, more weather resistant, and wears longer than traditional fibers. The 200 AW can accommodate a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens on body, and still have room for other lenses, accessories, and an iPad.

I've been using the Pro Messenger 200 AW for a while, and I've come up with an alternative way to pack the bag by creating a false bottom with one of the dividers. Here's how that works.

If you like shoulder bags for you gear, and find the tactile sensation of a canvas-like fabric appealing, then take a look at the Pro Messenger 200 AW. It's available for preorder from B&H Photo for $189.95.

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That is a very nice looking bag. My Domke shoulder bag has been feeling a little bit too small lately, and this might be a nice alternative. I especially like canvas-like materials. Thanks for posting.

Hi Derrick,

Hope all is going well at the PhotoPlus Expo?

I saw your post this morning about the Pro Messenger 200 and went directly over to BH Photo to check it out. However it was not in stock. But this afternoon they are now in stock. BH had some photos that caught my eye with this camera bag. It showed via the front section you could carry two bodies and a number of lenses. I may just have to purchase this one. looks like you can carry a camera with the verical grip attached.

Since you are attending the PhotoPlus Expro have you heard any word if Canon will have a Canon 5D Mlll coming anytime soon?



The new bag looks great. My family has multiple Lowepro bags as well as the belt harness system for accessing gear while on Scout hikes and other adventures. One of my sons has even configured a Lowepro bag to carry Ham radio equipment.
However, I have had trouble finding the small (10) and large (60) sliplock pouches for the past year. The middle size (30) is available, and I have two. These pouches can be so handy. I have dedicated several to hold certain items, not all photography related. They continue to be listed on the Lowepro website, but are shown as unavailable. Any insights?

The "High Tech Canvas" material I think is going to be a big draw for this bag.

No word on the 5D Mark III. Fairly quiet in NY concerning announcements in general.

As for Lowepro pouches, those you mentioned may have been replaced by others. There are a lot of pouches :) But I don't have any particular insights...