On the Road with the Olympus PEN Mini

While packing for my Eastern Sierra trip, I put the Olympus PEN E-PM1in my camera bag along with a couple DSLR bodies. Why? Because I wanted something small and quick to document the moments of my adventure. The PEN Mini is perfect for that.

Eastern Sierra Sky

For example, while driving north in Highway 395 yesterday morning, I noticed this crazy sky. I pulled the Vanagon off to the side of the road, grabbed the Mini, and captured this shot. The camera is extremely responsive. (Here's an earlier post that covers some of my favorite specs.) And to be honest, it is truly enjoyable to work with. I left the 17mm f.2.8 pancake lens on the body making the entire package pocketable.

I've shot with PENs since their introduction. And I have to say that this little guy is my favorite to date. In my opinion, it embodies the true spirit of the original PEN: petite, capable, and ready to go on a moment's notice.

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Loving the sheer depth and range of the tones here Derrick,
Faultless composition with those vapour trails / clouds topping it off.
There is no way anyone would have thought it was from anything but a high end DSLR

Hi John,

Indeed it's a capable camera quality wise. Can't wait to test the Raw files in Aperture once Apple adds the profile.

Oh, and I did take care of the second post :)

I bought this camera partially on your recommendation. The image quality is excellent and I like the larger sensor. I bought the EV-2 thinking I needed a viewfinder. I've changed my mind. Without the viewfinder (unless really needed) and putting on a wrist strap instead of a full strap and I am now taking it everywhere. It hasn't replaced my Nikon D700 but it may replace my Canon S90. Thinking about adding the Panasonic 20 mm 1.7.
Thanks for your practical advice.