Leo Laporte and Derrick Story on TWiT Photo

Of the interviews I've done, this chat with Leo Laporte on TWiT Photo goes down as one of my favorites.

Derrick Story and Leo Laporte Derrick Story (left) and Leo Laporte on TWiT Photo, Nov. 1, 2011

At Leo's studio in Petaluma, CA - fondly referred to as the Brick House - we discussed photography technique, gear, current technology, and how to become a better shooter. Frequent TWiT viewers know how gracious and intelligent Leo is, and he's in full stride during this episode. I think you'll really enjoy the show.

Here's the YouTube version:

You can also download the free episode in iTunes and listen at your convenience. Or, if you prefer the video version (more better!), then watch here or download the show.

Thanks to Leo and the entire TWiT gang for having me on the show.

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That was great fun, Derrick. I really enjoyed watching and listening to this.

You made me laugh when you told Leo about your girlfriend finding out about that Icelandic girl...