Steve Jobs at the California Theater, Oct. 2005

I recently came across one of my favorite photos of Steve Jobs. I took this shot in Oct. 2005 during the Apple event at the California Theater in San Jose, CA where Steve introduced the Video iPod.

Steve Jobs - Oct 2005 - Video iPod Steve Jobs proudly displaying the new Video iPod on Oct. 2005. Photo by Derrick Story. Click on image to enlarge.

What I like about this image, is the healthy looking Steve Jobs proudly holding up the new Video iPod that played movies as well as music on a 320x240, 2.5" TFT color screen with 260,000 colors. The 30 GB model was available for $299, while the 60 GB version sold for $399. I still have my 30 GB model, serving me well to this day as the music player for my Audi. A new version of iTunes was also unveiled, allowing users to buy music videos, TV shows, and even movies.

In all the years of my following the work of Steve Jobs, I remember this day as being one of the happiest. He looked so proud and confident. And he had complete control of a packed house of journalists. It was really something to experience.

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Funny to me seeing all those 70-200mm lenses in the front row within 5 feet from Steve. I guess I'm just used to my 1.6 crop factor where you probably couldn't get Steve's whole head in the frame that close.

How did you get in the room? What a treat.