Cable Release for iPhone 4S (that you already have)

Your Apple ear buds with remote can also serve as a cable release for the iPhone. I've just tested this with my iPhone 4S, and it works great.

iPhone 4S Cable Release Your Apple ear buds can also be used as a cable release for the iPhone. Photo by Derrick Story. Click on image for larger version.

Plug your ear buds into the iPhone, launch the camera app, steady the shot using your favorite stand or tripod, then squeeze the remote button on the ear buds. Your iPhone will take shot, steady as a rock. And the best part is, the cable release comes included in the box.

This tip is great for long exposures, HDR, etc. Give it a try!

Thanks so much to TDS Member, William St. John, for alerting me to this ultra cool tip.

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What a great tip, and here's better news: it also works with an iPhone 4 running the updated iOS, AND it also works with at least one set of third-party earphones. I tested this on my iPhone 4 and Shure earphones and it worked just as described above.

This is an iOS 5 addition, so it works with the 3GS as well. It's due to the new ability to use the volume-up button as a shutter release (so it's the corresponding volume-up button on the remote that works as well). My guess is that any headphones with a remote that triggers that button would work.

Thanks so much guys for the supplemental information. This is great that just about anyone with iOS 5 and ear buds with a remote button has a cable release. Slick.

I have been tying to use my earbuds as a cable release for the shutter. It isn't working. I have an iphone4 and ios5. Any suggestions or setting to check?

Nevermind. Only works on native camera.