"Nimble Time Lapse" - Digital Photography Podcast 305

Once you begin to take notice of time lapse photography, you see it everywhere. And for good reason. This style of video adds spice to existing movie productions, or can stand on its own two feet. This week I explain how to record and polish time lapse with just an iPhone or iPad 2. It's easy, fun, and will add impact to your photography.

To learn more about the specific tools I discuss in the podcast, check out these articles:

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"Nimble Movie Making" - Digital Photography Podcast 304

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My Podcast tool (Downcast on IOS) is complaining that there is no media file in the feed for today's podcast. It looks like there is an "enclosure" tag missing...

Thanks Gary for the heads up. I'm looking in to it now.

I got a copy this afternoon. Thanks!

Morning Derrick,

Just wanted to inform you that as of this morning (12/22/11) the latest podcast "Nimble Time Lapse" 305 is not showing up on your App via my iPad 2. Any idea what may be happening?



Hi Stu,

Yeah, I know about that. I have a ticket in to correct the problem. Long story short, the podcast feed broke on Tuesday disrupting everything. We got things working in iTunes and the other aggregators yesterday, but for some reason the podcast app was still having problems. I'm hoping to have that fixed today. I'll tweet once everything is on solid ground.