The Exchange of Ideas

As 2011 comes to a close, and we begin to think about our goals for 2012, improving our photography will be on many lists. I'm about to announce next year's workshop schedule, and one of these events might fit nicely into your aspirations. In addition to the instruction itself, one of the major benefits I've observed is the exchange of ideas among the photographers themselves.

Participants Chatting During Street Shoot
Participants talking about a shoot they had just finished during a recent Lowepro workshop in San Francisco.

Usually, at the beginning of the workshop, folks are a bit quiet and depend on me to lead the conversation. Makes perfect sense. But then, as we begin to work, much of the conversation shifts to with each other. Any of you who have attended one of these events know exactly what I mean.

Learning begins to happen on many different levels at once -- not to mention feedback on project ideas, comments about photos, and ideas about the business side of shooting. Often these conversations extend well beyond the workshop itself.

If you've never had the experience of working with other photographers in a positive environment, consider attending one of these events in 2012. You can get on the reserve list now for the workshop that you find most appealing.

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Having attended a TDS workshop in 2011 and having attended various other conferences and workshops in the past, I can wholeheartedly agree. An instructor brings expertise to the event and a plan for learning, but much of the learning and growth that happens is a result of the interaction between everyone in the group. With each person bringing their own cultural, technical, and artistic background to the table, the group can learn learn a lot from informal conversation.

Yes I agree with the assertions here. If the participants of the workshop I attended are representative samples of the typical TDS listeners, then you have created one heck of a community Mr. Story. Best wishes for 2012.