Futuristic Cars at CES - Audi Urban Concept

You'd be surprised at what you can discover at an electronics event. For example, in the North Hall at CES there's an entire car show featuring vehicles of the future, exotic audio systems for today's cars, and high tech goodies to enhance your driving experience.

One of my favorites of the day was the Audi Urban Concept -- an all-electric, carbon fiber beauty designed for city life.

Audi Urban Concept Car at CES 2012 Audi Urban Concept Electric Car. Photo by Derrick Story.

This two-seater was first unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Fortunately for us, Audi shipped it over the US for our enjoyment. And like many things at this trade show, the future is closer than we often think. The Urban Concept may go into production as early as 2013.

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Looks like there are some really neat items being previewed at this years CES. I have been watching some live telecasted being present by Twit TV. Really cool watching live via the Internet.

By the way, have you heard anything about the Canon 5D Mark lll?

Will be looking forward to your podcast review next week.



Wow, neat looking car. I wonder how does it look from the front...