iPad for Exercise Bike

When I travel, I'm impressed with the exercise bikes I see in modern hotel gyms. They have a complete multimedia setups that help pass the time while I'm peddling away. After I got an iPad 2 for a client assignment, I contemplated ways to put my original iPad to good use. Then the lightening bolt struck: upgrade my exercise bike.

Close Up of iPad on Bike

The iPad fits wonderfully on the handlebars. It's a great size for this use. But how to secure it? I used a modul R case with the optional hand strap. It protects the iPad and creates a snug fit.

Close Up of iPad Back

For the actual exercise, I use the CycleOps MAGNETO trainer with progressive resistance. It's easy to set up, and it provides a good workout with my street bike. (I bought mine a while back at REI. You can get good deals on older models.) During dreary winter months here in Northern CA, I set the bike up in the shooting room at the studio. If I have an assignment I need to work on, I can switch back to photography in just a few minutes.

Bike with CycleOps and iPad

Since I've added the iPad to this rig, I found that I'm riding longer, and loving it! I'm able to maintain my workout regiment regardless of the weather outside.

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Derrick, I'm doing the same thing. I gotta tell you, watching a movie on Netflix or playing Angry Birds makes riding the exercise bike WAY more fun. Mine's recumbent, though, so I don't have any kind of handlebars to attach it to.

My solution was a simple PVC frame that straddles the bike, and an iPad case (fits iPad 1 or 2) attached to the crossbar of the PVC frame.

The lock mount is this one, just $30:

Hey Derrick, cool post. I have been using the Tether Tools iPad Connect (www.tethertools.com) with their easygrip clamp and it is a rock solid solution for my bike.

Great idea!! I have a book holder on my elliptical that I've used to hold my galaxy tab to watch videos that I needed to see up close (eg: training videos where I needed to read slides.)