Apple Curates "Apps for Photographers" in Mac App Store

Curious about what the Mac App Store has to offer for photographers? You might want to take a look at the Apps for Photographers collection.


Three sections are featured there: Organize & Share, Digital Darkroom, and Cool Creations. There's plenty of interesting software to peruse and experiment with, such as the just-released CameraBag 2, that's 20 percent off right now to celebrate its launch ($18.99).

One of the things I like about buying programs through the App Store is that the updates are easily managed there, very much like new version notifications on your iPhone or iPad.

To see the Apps for Photographers collection for yourself, use this link, or launch the App Store and look for Apps for Photographers in the right hand column under Categories.

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1 Comment

I do like the app store for the "one stop shopping" aspect when looking for an app to address a need. On the other hand, I think the updating process is actually a step backwards from what was rapidly becoming the standard (pre-app store).

I have a number of non-app-store apps that have their own automatic update check, and with the Sparkle Framework they can even update in place - THAT'S the way to go, in my opinion.

With the app store, if you don't run as an administrator all the time (which I realize many people do, but from a security standpoint it's just plain dumb) you have to actually launch the app store to see if your app-store-purchased apps have updates available. Since I don't launch the app store on a regular basis, that's inconvenient.