Corel AfterShot Pro Review

I was impressed with Corel's ambition in its 1.0 release of AfterShot Pro. And for the most part, the execution wasn't bad either. I provide a complete rundown of my impressions in the Macworld Magazine review, Corel AfterShot Pro photo manager plays well in the big leagues.



  • Fast decoding of raw files, even on a laptop
  • Excellent raw file support across camera brands
  • Completely non-destructive workflow
  • Easy to use Layers implementation
  • Decode or edit images on the fly without a catalog
  • Perfectly Clear and lens correction tools included
  • Plug-in support for a variety of tools


  • Can't export slide shows for outside display
  • Library management less refined than competition
  • Mediocre sharpening tools
  • Lack of importing tool for those who want it
  • File output limited to TIFF and JPEG
  • Dialog boxes don't feel Mac-like

Since the review, I've been using AfterShot for quick turnaround jobs. It won't replace Lightroom or Aperture (at least not yet). But it has taken over the jobs I used to use Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge for. You might want to try the 30-day free trial. Full price is $99. But Corel does offer the "competitive upgrade" deal for $79.

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1 Comment

Hi Derrick,

I found it to upload images fairly fast. Like the idea that you can have multiple catalogs and selective editing. Just like you I found the layering good as you did not have to do any round tripping.

However I did not care for the printing. Been having some issues with that feature. Like setting printer profiles and print sizes.

But overall it it is not a bad program. And for 79.00 if you own Aperture and or Lightroom it would not be a bad program to have. I also agree as you do that it will not take the place of Lightroom and or Aperture.