ICE Light Makes the Rounds at WPPI

One of the more interesting WPPI debuts was ICE Light, a hand-holdable daylight LED wand that makes it easier for the portrait photographer to hold the light source and shoot at the same time. The ICE Light is the result of a big name partnership: Designed by photographer Jerry Ghionis, and manufactured and distributed by Westcott lighting.

IceLight in Action Two women holding ICE Lights making the rounds through the expo hall area at WPPI.

When set to full output, this device delivers 150 watts at 5200~5400k. It is bright indeed. It is also expensive. If you buy online, the kit sells for $499.

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I saw and played with one of the ICE lights at PhotoPro Expo a couple weeks ago. Nice light, but at $500 the price seems ridiculous.

I saw Jerry on TWITPhoto talking about this light. I get the convenience of an integrated battery, but is that particularly unique? Is there anything else about this light that special?