Is 1 Second the Perfect Long Exposure?

When I review my twilight shots that blur motion, it's amazing how often the ones I like best were exposed at 1 second.

Las Vegas Blur "Las Vegas Blur" photo by Derrick Story.

What's even more curious, is that I'm usually controlling the settings with Aperture Priority, not Shutter Priority. I do this typically because I'm figuring how much depth of field I want. But when I review the metadata for the shots (don't you just love metadata!), the cool exposures are often around 1 second.

This has often held true for waterfalls and other motion shots. And I'm beginning to think, maybe I should switch to Shutter Priority?

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Hi Derrick, I would say up to one second seems to be the right stuff. I'm always amazed at how much happens in 0.2-1 sec especially when shooting seascapes.