Let the Games Begin: Nikon D800 vs Canon [5D Mark III]


Nikon has throw down the gauntlet with the impressive D800 featuring 36 high resolution megapixels. Canon meanwhile, decided that today was a good time to announce 3 high resolution lenses designed for a full frame camera that would require such good glass. Hmmmm....

So basically, Nikon beat Canon to the punch with the D800. Canon wants to let everyone know that an answer is imminent, without actually having to make an announcement. Ah yes. Let the games begin.

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I had received information from BH Photo this morning about this new D800. Really looks cool. The price is also within reach (2999.95) via BH. Now I only hope Canon will announce the 5d Mark lll. I have to much invested in Canons to switch at this time.



I can't imagine that the vast majority of people have the skill to get anywhere near 36MP of resolution in their images - or the need to do so, for that matter.

It was also a weird decision to leapfrog the D4.

The other features look cool though.