Lowepro Releases Flipside Sport Outdoor Camera Bag

If you're an outdoor photographer who likes stream crossings on a fallen log, jogging down a winding trail, or mountain biking on a brisk Spring day, you'll probably like carrying your camera gear in the just-announced Flipside Sport.

Flipside Sport 15 and 10 Liter Two models of the Lowepro Flipside Sport. You can see the complete set of images on the TDS Flickr page.

Available in two colors (orange and blue) and two sizes (15 liter and 10 liter), the Flipside Sport is designed with a comfortable, lightweight harness system. This allows you to secure the bag to your body and maintain balance during transport.

Flipside Sport 10 Liter Back

Access to your gear is provided via the zippered rear flap.You don't need to remove the backpack to get to your camera. Simply slide off the shoulder straps and swing the bag around with the waist belt still attached.

70-200mm inside Flipside Sport 10 Liter

The smaller of the two bags, the 10 liter, will accommodate a 70-200mm f/2.8 IS L zoom on a Canon 5D Mark II body or equivalent, plus the 24-105mm f/4 L lens. The larger bag holds more.

Tripod Sleeve

Other handy features include innovative tripod transport sleeve, hydration pouch, removable camera box with cover, and an All Weather cover. You can learn more about the Flipside Sport series at lowepro.com/flipside. More images available on the TDS Flickr page.The bag should be available in May 2012.

Author's note: This is a pre-release announcement. The Lowepro URL should be updated by midday Monday, April 23.

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Interesting -- I saw these in Best Buy a few weeks ago! (It was memorable because of the orange). Interesting because I bought an eerily similar bag at REI, but it was completely freeform. Super-breathable mesh, so this would be really cool to have on the trail.

Nice bag, colour and all. Like the smaller size fir short getaways and short outings where less equipment is needed.

Looks like a winner! I'd go for the 15 litre for rainforest photography. Willing to do a test & report in exchange for for one of each ;)