Start Your Spring Training Indoors


Like a bear that emerges from hibernation, photographers north of the equator are getting ready to venture outdoors and capture the glory of Spring. The problem is, weather does't always cooperate.

I just read a terrific article on Photo Naturalist titled, A Fun Way To Improve Your Wildflower Photography where author Vic Berardi talks about practicing your close-up technique indoors now to prepare for that next beautiful day outdoors.

I love the idea.

I have a glass window box at the studio that is a terrific stage for plant photography even when the weather is miserable. Vic used a variety of different locations within his house to capture some absolutely beautiful flower shots.

By practicing your technique on potted plants, then reviewing your work on the computer, you can help eliminate unfortunate surprises when working in the field.

Take a look at Vic's article, then consider putting together your own Spring training program.

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Great article Derrick - I will have to practice this weekend with my new canon 100mm macro lens.

Yes, get to know that macro lens now so you're ready for the big show :)

Thanks so much for linking to my dad's article!