"LEDs Take Over, Contradictions, Somoma Coast" - Digital Photography Podcast 326

LED lighting for photographers has evolved from exotic to affordable. No better case in point than the Neewer Ring Light for $30. I talk about the joys of using LEDs, and how we're never going back.

Then we take a look at the new Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 pro zoom for micro four-thirds. One report says it's tack sharp wide open, then another says it's soft. Which is it?

After sharing a favorite image editing tip, I wrap up with an inside peek at the upcoming Sonoma Coast workshop in August. Yes, we're returning to the Bodega Bay Lodge, (yaay!) but this year we'll have the VW Vanagon parked at the beach as a field station. It's going to be so cool! All this and more on the TDS podcast.

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I don't follow the four-thirds camera systems very closely, but when you mentioned that there was finally an f/2.8 zoom for the system I thought to myself "Wait, don't they actually have an f/2.0 zoom that covers that range?!"

So, apparently, the Olympus 14-35mm f/2.0 is a "four-thirds" and not a "micro four-thirds" lens.

Can't you use this f/2.0 zoom lens with a micro four-thirds camera?

It looks like the f/2.8 lens is significantly smaller and lighter, but I would think that f/2.0 zoom would be very tempting if I was considering doing anything serious with a four-thirds (or micro four-thirds) camera.