Pentax Refines Its DSLR Lineup


I became a Pentax fan (again!) when I reviewed the Pentax K-5 for Macworld Magazine. In addition to its outstanding image quality, the K-5 felt like a camera designed by photographers. I now use it as my "hiking camera" because it's compact, weather resistant, and accepts affordable zoom lenses that are designed for the outdoors.

Now, we have more goodness coming our way with the just-announced K-30 and the 50mm f/1.8 prime. Both have reasonable price tags of $899 (K-30 with kit zoom) and $299 (50mm) respectively.

In addition to being great image making machines, I like the value that Pentax offers. For example, for $900 you'll be able to buy the K-30 with 18-55mm zoom (which is excellent). You can expand your capability by adding the Pentax DA 50-200mm zoomthat's also weather resistant for $215. Then, for your prime lens, get the new 50mm f/1.8 for (my guess) around $250. You have an excellent all weather kit with 3 lenses for a total investment of $1,365.

And if you're worried that because Pentax isn't part of the big 2, your investment might be at risk. Forget that. On the business side they have been making smart moves too.

So if you're a photographer that enjoys taking pictures in the great outdoors, I would definitely keep an eye on Pentax. They certainly have their eye on the ball.

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When I get the Canikon questions from the noobs, I always bring up the K-7 as an option. They look at me like I have 3 heads. Have no idea why. Ok, I do know why - they're so married to the marketing hype they can't think otherwise.

Glad to see you enjoying your Pentax DSLR Derek, even if it only comes out for hikes.

The K-30 seems like a great balance of features and price in this segment, certainly the cheapest weather resistant DSLR. I like that they have a second e-dial which is very useful, especially with their TAv mode.

I’ve owned a K-5 for a while now and have been bitten by the prime lens bug, lol. Pentax have great compact primes which you really should treat yourself to at least one of them. My favourite 3 are the 15mm, 31mm and 77mm. It’s a kit that can cover most things.

Thanks for your blog and your podcast. If I lived in the States I’d love to go to a workshop of yours, but I’m on the other side of the world.

So glad to hear that Pentax is getting some love by a well known Photog like Derrick Story... It always seems that the news is about the big 2 (Canon/Nikon)... I really like the K-30 and can't wait to see what Pentax announces as the replacement for the K-5... I see Pentax as the Apple of the early 2000s... Doing things their own way... K-01 first Mirror-less that can use SLR lenses.. K-30 first weather sealed body under 900 bux! Proud to be a Pentaxian...

I have had a lot of coffee this morning :)