Portrait Session with Rogue Master Lighting Kit

The Rogue Master Lighting Kitprovides the nimble photographer with a variety of flash modifiers and gels in kit that occupies about as much space as a full size laptop computer. I recently shot a portrait session using just two Canon Speedlites with FlashBenders attached.

Leah Seated Portrait of Leah Lavoneh captured with two FlashBenders, one with a diffusion panel. Photo by Derrick Story.

One of the interesting new features in the master kit is a diffusion panel for the large FlashBender. The clever design attaches to the front of the FlashBender via robust hook and loop material. The flash head positioned between the two pieces, like a sandwich. I used this for the main light, with the small reflector as the fill.

FlashBender Set Up Two-light set up for the above portrait using the large FlashBender with diffusion panel as the main light.

In addition to the three different sized FlashBenders and the grid modifier in the kit, Rogue also includes two sets of gels. These have both creative and corrective applications. I particularly liked the gel set for the grid that allowed me to throw a splash of color on a background or even used as an interesting hair light.

Leah Holding FlashBender Kit The Rogue Master Lighting Kit takes up little space, but provides you with a complete flash modification set-up.

I noticed that the FlashBenders themselves have improved fasteners and updated design. I had no problem securing them to any of my flashes, and I have quite a variety of strobes in the studio.

If you're looking for an affordable light modifier set-up to handle a variety of needs, especially when traveling light, consider the Rogue Master Lighting Kitthat sells for $199. There are plenty of goodies in there to spur your lighting creativity.

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That diffusion panel on the big FlashBender is a great idea. I have one of the FlashBenders but occasionally it casts a fairly harsh light off of the white surface.

Now I'm thinking about what sort of DIY diffuser I could put on there...