How to Tap iPhoto Effects in Aperture 3.3

The Effects panel from iPhoto has found its way into Aperture's Adjustments tab. It's a bit like the new roommate who brings his HDTV along with the move in to the apartment. He'll also bring a few things that you're not crazy about too.


Edge Blur is one of new iPhoto tools that I like. Plus, in Aperture, it's easier to use. I like to apply Edge Blur to throw the background out of focus to direct the viewer's eye to the main subject. When used with restraint, it can be very effective.

Other bonus effects that I like include the Antique filter and the Fade slider. For this image captured at the U.S. Open in San Francisco, I played with Antique and Edge Blur.

I'm not as wild about some of the other iPhoto Effects, such as Matte and Vignette. We already have more elegant versions of them in Aperture. But like the roommate with the HDTV, you get the cool along with the unnecessary.

You can enable iPhoto Effects via the Add Adjustment popup menu in Aperture's Adjustments tab. Once you do, they'll appear as a new adjustment brick, as in the screenshot above. Some of them are fun. Take a look!

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Wow, I didn't even realize this the iPhoto effect brick was there!!! Thanks Derrick for bringing this to light!!!

Great find Derrick. I will have to try this out tonight on a couple recent photos... Thanks!

Thanks for the hint, I updated Aperture to 3.3 and there were indeed new things there, and some interface changes as well.

I do hope the new Library structure in Aperture 3.3 is more reliable than the old one was...