I Knew MobileMe Well

Like many other MobileMe users, I spent part of Saturday pulling content off my little corner of the Apple universe and saving it to the computer. As of today, it's goodbye MobileMe, hello iCloud.

mobile_me_discontinued.jpg I was greeted with this message when opening Aperture.

Just One More Thing...

This morning, however, when I opened my Aperture library to work on the TDS Photo Assignment (to be published soon), there was this parting message: "Click OK to move albums you have published to the MobileMe gallery to the Albums section of your library to preserve them." Aww shucks! Apple will relocate my MobileMe galleries to Aperture.

By the looks of the progress bar underway now, this will take a while. But, what a considerate eulogy for an old friend.


Hopefully this offer will last for a week or more. In Maryland a freak storm came through Friday night that knocked out power in almost all of the DC Metro region. While I got power back in a few hours, Comcast didn't. Therefore no usable Internet. AT&T 3G on iDevices is seriously lacking. ;-(

I was never a MobileMe user because my computing life was not Apple-centric enough for it to make sense. But everyone I knew that used it, loved it - and until recently there seemed to be a surprising amount of very useful, free software that lived on MobileMe web pages.

Hopefully Apple will pad out iCloud so some of the now-missing MobileMe functionality will reappear.

Thanks for the heads up on that Derrick. I wonder why Apple kept it a secret that Aperture would do this...

I already moved all my MobileMe albums to flickr using a free service at http://www.uploadjunction.com. It took about 7 hours but it happened automatically in the cloud. I didn't even need my computer awake. That site can migrate galleries from several other sites as well. Of course it didn't move any of the movie albums.

@ Jerry - I hope it's restored now. If you need more help, you can contact us at the email provided below.

Sorry for the trouble.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations