Where Did Everyone Go?

Sometimes the fun shots are available at dinner time.

After our meal, I got up from the table to work on this shot for a few minutes. And when I came back, everyone was gone.

Tiki torches at sunset

Sometimes the photographer's life is a lonely one...


Enjoy the peace and quiet when everyone has gone - I know I did on the two occasaions I was there.
I hope you get to Haleakala when there is a)No clouds and b)No wind - it's abs awesome...
Just remember it's YOUR heart you will be hearing..... Shocked me.

Looks like a Maui sky if ever i saw one! IF you have the chance, go check out this place for some good local eats:

Okazuya & Deli Honokowai- located about 10-15 north of Lahaina. The Ono with Lemon and Capers is outta this world. Take back to condo or watch the setting sun at the beach park across the street. well, after the killer sunset photos are on the CF card that is. sorry, my family is from maui and i had to share this.