Want to Know the Shutter Actuations for Your Canon DSLR

Inquiring minds want to know, right? On most Canon DSLRs, once you get over 100,000 shutter actuations, the risk of it failing increases (pro bodies more like 300,000). So how do you find out?

Canon 40mm Lens Canon 40mm prime mounted on a EOS 60D. Photo by Derrick Story.

I just read a good article full of information on this topic titled, Finding the number of shutter actuations for your Canon EOS DSLR. The author, Shane, provides good background information on the subject, then lists links to freeware utilities that can help you determine the shutter actuations for your camera.

It's not something that I lose sleep over at night. But it is cool that I can find out if I want to.

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Nikon bodies embed the shutter actuation count in the EXIF data in JPEG images. (Don't Canons do the same?) I use EXIF Viewer by Ali Ozer on my Mac. I can't find his own website, but if you search for "EXIF Viewer Ali Ozer" you'll find it on a variety of download services.

Doug, Canon doesn't embed the count in EXIF. The firmware does track it, so it's available for a software grab, which is how the utility Derrick points to does it. But you can't get this data without either a specialized tool or by entirely replacing the camera firmware to make the count available from a menu.

I would hope this info could be found in the EXIF data? I have my file names set for continuous, and am approaching 9500 using this method.