Don't Buy a New Camera This Week


As we've already seen with the Pentax announcement, there will be lots of photo equipment news over the next few days. This is the time to watch and evaluate if you're considering upgrading.

After Photokina is over on September 23, that will be the time to make your buying plans. All of the announcements will have been released, and those of us covering the show will have had a chance to look at the new products in person.

I'm leaving for Germany this weekend, and I'll be covering Photokina from the trade show floor. I plan to post lots of images on Instagram and via Twitter. Of course there will be features and wrap-ups here on The Digital Story.

In the meantime, keep your credit card in the wallet, and let's see how things unfold.

You can find more photo tips and "photography how tos" on my Pinterest page.


I'm hoping the rumored Nikon D600 pans out as expected...

Hi Derrick,

Will be looking forward to your report from Photokina. I am in the market to replace the Canon 7D or at least purchase a newer model. I do have the 60D for a backup at the present time. Maybe Canon will be announcing an upgrade for the 7D. Still thinking about the 5D MIII, but will wait now until after this show. At the present you can pick up a new Canon 5D Mii for under $2,000 from B&H. So that is also an option.



And, there could be a 5D X too, which would come in at a lower price than the Mark III. Will be interesting to see what unfolds.

Does that suggestion include lenses?

You're probably safer this week with lenses than with camera bodies. But unless you really need it right away, I'd see what happens.

Hi there, I will be at Photokina on Sat & Sun next week, any chance I can buy you a coffee as "thank you" for all your free podcast & blog advice over the years? Safe journey and maybe we'll get chance to meet up. Mark

Thanks for information! Great billet!