Nikon D600 - Take that Canon!


Nikon answers the call for an affordable feature-rich full frame DSLR with the D600 that will sell for $2,100 US body only, or $2,600 with the 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens.

It has many of the specs you'd expect, such as 24 MPs, 5.5 fps, full HD movie capture, 39 point AF system, 921,000 dot LCD, and maximum 25600 ISO. Then it has a nice surprise up its sleeve: an optional Wi-Fi module allowing the D600 to be controlled remotely from an Android or iOS device.

There are a couple limitations. Flash sync maxs out at 1/200th and there's no external microphone jack.

But if you have been waiting for a full frame Nikon body that won't bust the credit card, you can preorder the D600 today.

Live Photokina Coverage

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Well, it would bust MY credit card!

And after all these years, attempting to explain to my significant other why in the world I would spend a few hundred dollars ( not to mention a grand or more ) on a lens is still an issue.


Indeed! What I call "SA" is an important and often difficult aspect of photography. What is SA? Spousal Approval :-)

Minor correction: The D600 does indeed have an input for an external stereo microphone.

+1 on external mic - it also has external headphone jack so the videographers will be happy with that.

The other minor limitation you didn't mention is the 1/4000 sec faster shutter speed (D7000 for instance has 1/8000)

Thanks guys. I didn't see the mic port in the specs, but as I study the pictures, I see the labeled cover on the side of the camera. Yaay!

Rumors are that Canon will counter with a full frame 6D in that price ballpark - with availability in November I think I read.

"I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger Today!" LOL

I will need a Nikon body replacement next year and this will do great.