I Want a Fusion Drive for my MacBook Pro


When Apple announced the Fusion Drive for the iMac today, the first thing that I thought is that I want one for my MacBook Pro. It solves the comprise that we're currently facing with laptop computing: trading storage capacity for speed.

Essentially it's a hybrid, combining 128GBs of Flash memory with 1 or 3 TBs of traditional hard drive storage. What's unique about Fusion among hybrid drives is that the operating system will put the OS and most commonly used apps in Flash. And if your behavior changes, so will the allocation.

If you want to know more about his, check out the Ars Technical article, Apple Fusion Drive--wait, what? How does this work?. However, I think I already know that I want one.

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are you asking the retina MBP to support fusion drive
via thunderbolt port.
otherwise it is not possible unless you remove
the optical drive from old MBP and put in a ssd module.
I doubt Apple wants to support third party configurations.

I think mac mini is supported because of the server configuration
has two drives.

I wonder what size the Fusion drive is. The old iMac had a 3.5" drive and the mini had a 2.5" drive (I think). The new mini and iMac must be using the same size drive now unless Apple has two different models of Fusion.

You didn't say which Macbook Pro you wanted this in but I suspect you mean your 15" retina. Doesn't seem it will ever happen since there's no space for a normal hard drive in there. Maybe they could get it into the "classic" Macbook Pro if it fits in the mini.

Well, I literally just bough a non-Retina 2012 15" MacBook Pro, and the first thing I though of was that I'd like a Fusion Drive for that. If these things are a standard 2.5" drive form-factor, it should fit, no? I mean, if the Mac Mini uses 2.5" drives, why not?

I've been debating removing my optical drive and slapping in an SSD (still need an HDD for capacity), but I don't want to risk voiding the warranty on a brand-new machine. (Plus, I was smart enough (dumb enough?) to buy AppleCare... So, I don't want to flush that down the crapper). I know the whole OptiDrive/warranty issue has been debated to death in forums, but I'd just as soon not take the chance if slapping in a Fusion Drive in the standard (user-replacable) HDD slot became an option.

Fingers crossed... not holding my breath though.