More on iOS 6 Panoramas

When I originally reported on the new panorama feature in iOS 6, I was impressed by how good they looked right out of the camera. Then, as I dug deeper, I discovered the integration with iPhoto, Aperture, and iPhoto for iOS. In my latest Macworld article, Get the big picture with iOS 6 panoramas, I explain how that integration can help you produce some dynamic presentations.

oracle_arena_pano.jpg iPhone panorama at Oracle Arena before a game in Oakland, CA.

My biggest discovery was how the slideshow tools in the Apple apps recognize and present the panoramas. There are different implementations. My favorite is the elegant Ken Burns sweep of your image.

Great stuff. You might want to take a look.

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This is interesting, thanks for posting!

Also AppleTV's screensaver is now panorama-aware, and that does not work only for panoramas shot with the iPhone. I noticed this yesterday and was positively surprised, Apple still cares for small details.

Your article on Macworld and comments here are spot on. My favorite feature of iOS 6 is the panorama feature. It's opened a whole new world to cell phone photography to me. In fact, while volunteering at a charity event last week one of the board members commented that they had meant to contact me and have me shoot the event rather than performing the tasks I would be performing. With no time to return home for a DSLR , and knowing the light was way too low even for the very good (for a phone) low light image the iPhone 5 is capable of capturing I creatively solved the problem by capturing several panorama's of the event. So far everyone is so astonished by the panoramic view that the darker than I would prefer images are receiving rave reviews even though their quality isn't anything I would have shared had they been normal photos. I've been incorporating the panorama feature into much of my shooting workflow for the past month and this event was the epitome of the various ways photographer's can provide added value to our clients.