Nimble iPhoto for iOS Workflow for the iPad

The iPad is a highly capable companion for the digital photographer. Its main drawback, however, is the lack of storage on the device itself. In my recent Macworld Magazine article, The Ultimate iPhoto Workflow, I show how you how to work around the storage limits so you can leave your laptop at home and use the iPad on the road.


This set up works particularly well on vacations when you don't want to be tempted to deal with office problems and daily life, but you still want to upload, process, and share the images from your trip. Then, when you do return, integrate what you've done on the road with your photo library on the home computer.

This particular workflow uses iPhoto for iOS, which is a capable organizing, editing, and sharing application for the iPad. But you could modify the steps to work with other software too. Take a look at The Ultimate iPhoto Workflow and see what you think.

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Thanks for the great workflow on the iPad. I did very close to the same thing on a recent trip to San Francisco doing some street shooting in Chinatown. It works great and it really can be so much easier than lugging the laptop. Did you work with JPEGs or RAW when you imported them? Just wondering...