Camera Differences Between iPad mini and iPad 3

If the iPad 3 has a 5MP iSight camera, and the iPad mini also has a 5MP iSight camera, then why do the two devices render images so differently? Here are side by side photos in a backlit situation.


My friends over at Boinx Software ran a similar test between an iPad mini and an iPad 4.

So, is the hardware different? Or, is it an implementation of the software? We'll try to get to the bottom of this and report back. If you have some information, please post here.

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I'll be curious to see what conclusions you (and others) draw regarding this.

My 32GB mini is on the way and I'll be doing some tests. I bought it mainly for convenience and fun. I think the camera is going to be pretty much like shooting with my Canon Elph point & shoot - poor dynamic range and lots of flare.

It was a huge disappointment to find out that the mini camera is crippled…!
No panos, no HDR… What's up with that…????

Well Derrick, the Mini came on Friday and here is another wrinkle for you - you camera model in exif says iPad Mini, mine says iPad 2G. The images are pretty horrible all around with the limited tests I have done. Granted the majority of images were indoors low light, but here is one of plain old grass outdoors using the Camera Awesome camera but with no filtering - you can grab the exif here

The image is unfiltered. This definitely adds some confusion to the mix. I will be doing some more testing during the week.

The camera was not a primary concern for me so only a small disappointment. Aside from the really poor camera which is not even on par with the iPhone 4s in my opinion, I really like the device and it's going to suit my needs just fine. I'll just look at it as being better than nothing, and I'll still have fun playing around with it as I have played with cameras much worse than this.

There is a lot of bitching on the web with regards to the Mini display - I think the negativity is unwarranted. Sure it's not retina, but it's capable, readable, functional, and the colors are spot on. Maybe it's just me as I worked on the old VGA monitors circa 1987. Perhaps I have better appreciation for today's technology. That's just me. To me most important is that it's a good small tablet that is not Android. FYI my model is 32GB black.

Ok mystery solved. Apparently the camera utility you use dictates what the camera model says. Here is one I just shot with Pro Camera HD App and it alters the model exif field.

The one I shot with mini's the default camera does say iPad Mini in the exif.

The Pro Camera HD app gives you much better exposure control and doubles the data size of the file. I can live with this. As far as any low light shooting at all, the camera is a real stinker.

I'll be posting some assessments to my blog later this week.

Just grab and rotate that image - I had the iPad upside down. Windows rotated the image for me - the web host does not ;-)