Win a Lowepro Pro Messenger 160 AW

Here's your chance to win a Lowepro Lowepro Pro Messenger Bag 160 AW.

Lowepro Pro Messenger 160 AW. You can win it!

This soft-sided bag has the feel of traditional canvas, but it's really a high-tech fabric that is more weather resistant and durable. Its handsome styling makes it the perfect urban bag for you DSLR or CSC kit. The Pro Messenger also includes a built-in All Weather cover for additional protection when the climate becomes hostile.

The rules to enter are simple. And you have three different ways to participate. (And yes, you can choose just one way, or do all three.)

Send me a tweet saying why you want this bag. Be sure to include the hashtags #ProMessenger and #Lowepro. Not on Twitter? No problem.

Share a photo of your current camera bag and why you need the Pro Messenger on Instagram. Add the hashtags #ProMessenger and #Lowepro.

Not on Twitter or Instagram? Just add a comment to this blog about how you'd use the bag if you won. I'll randomly select a winner on Tuesday, Dec. 4. The winner will be posted here and on the TDS Facebook page.

This contest is open internationally, but void where prohibited. One winner will be chosen randomly. Good luck!

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I would use this bag for all my gear when I travel to Hawaii after the new year. It looks like it is comfortable to wear and use.

I have been looking for a bag that is easy to work out of for walking around the city doing street shooting. This one looks perfect for the job!!

I could really use this bag because I currently use, and love, the simplicity of the Lowepro Exchange Messenger but have outgrown the bag. I prefer messenger style bags and also less padded bags, coming from having used a Domke bag in film camera days.

This bag would be great protecting my gear on those damp walks in the Allegheny Nation Forest.

I would really like to win this bag because I just love lowepro camera bags and I would like to have this bag for my variuos trips that I plan.

All I have ever used are Lowepro bags, but I have yet to find a good messenger style bag so I would use this bag for travel, and for shoots I don't require too much gear because it is such a pain carrying a huge bag to shoots and on aeroplanes whenever it is half empty!! The messenger bag would be perfect for my trip to Paris in the new year!

I'd love to win this camera bag to give to my Dad for Xmas

I'd like this bag, because it is so low-key and doesn't scream "camera bag" (including those velcro silencers.) It will help grow my expanding pile of camera bags, confirming to my wife that I am truly irrational when it comes to camera gear.

I have a trip planned for Iceland in March 2013... it would be the perfect day bag to accompany my Vertex 300 travel pack

i would love to win this bag, i'm a photographer from the caribbean and bags are always really expensive for us due to the difference in currency, my current bag was ripped and i'm currently just using a cheap laptop bag. This bag would be great for me due to the all weather materials, i hike throughout the caribbean and the built in AW Cover is ideal for me!

This would be an awesome bag to use on our 5-week trip to New Zealand in Feb.

I'd really like this bag as a companion to my Fastpack 350, for walks around the city or at events where less gear is needed.

I love my two Lowepro backpacks! However when I want to do some Street photography or the kids plays or concerts at school I don't always want to have to lug around a pack as they're bulky, heavy and not so user friendly when it comes to getting my lenses out. The Pro Messenger seems like it would be perfect for those situations!

I would love to win this bag, because l love lowepro bags all my life i've used,and they are the best... and I would look good with this bag

Ideal for taking pictures while you keep moving all the time.

This bag would be perfect for my street photography set, especially in the winter times wwhen it starts to rain

I'm thinking about trading sideways to a CSC (drooling over the OMD!) and this bag would be perfect. Fingers crossed...

I would use this bag as it would save me picking and choosing the wrong gear to take out with me, as neither of my present bags have enough room in them.
And its going to be better than using my old rucksack.

I'll use this bag to shoot weddings. :)

In my Day, to Day my Bag needs change. So in turn I need lots of Bags. I need a bag for a full day of shooting in the parks and at the resorts. I also need a bag that looks good while at a wedding. Disney weddings can be so formal, and I need a bag to fit in that world as well as my needs as a photographer. Help a shooter out Lowepro.....

This would be a perfect bag to take around everywhere I go.

I'd use it create the perfect bag for my Olympus Pen and legacy lenses.

My camera gear would say thank you for finally having a home. Thank you!

My name is Nemanja, me and my girlfriend run a street style blog about fashion on the streets in our hometown of Novi Sad, Serbia. When I go out to shoot I wear my camera in my hand and this bag would be great to take with me when I'm out on the streets and shootingbeacause of it's ergonomics and design! Feel free to check our blog! :)

The most perfect bag for the most perfect of Compact cameras the Fuji Xpro1, and the only bag worthy or replacing the bag i had stolen which was recommended by your video on youtube the Classified 160AW.

I would like to win this bag because I am going on my honeymoon in March and my Lowepro backpack is a little big to carry around with me wherever we go. It would be really nice to have a smaller bag like this one!

All my bags are Lowepro but am missing a Messanger and have been looking for one. Would be great for on location shoots.

This bag would keep my camera gear warm, cozy, and safe, no matter where I am.

I'd like to win this bag to use on my frequent photo walks in downtown Chicago. It doesn't look like a camera bag so there's less of a chance for me to get robbed and shot for my gear.

I would really like to win this bag because I just want to give a lovely camera bag to my daughter for her winter vacation trip with her new DSLR, love lowepro camera bag, one of the I'd recently bought - prorunner.

I would like to win this Messenger because my old, worn slingshot, has a hole and the lock does not work. Immediately I put my lenses for the new bag.

Because simply there are no better bags than Lowepro

The ProMessenger 160 will be perfect to accommodate the equipment when photographing school events.

i'll use the bag for my day-to-day photo equipment (nikon d700 or nikon fe plus two lenses and a flash)

I would give this to my brother as a gift for his art supplies

I would like to win the Pro Messenger 160 AW as currently my current bag is becoming too small for holding my equipment at event shoots and does not provide enough protection for my lens.

I have three LowePro bags, all pretty big models to carry a full complement of lenses, flash, and misc for several camera systems I have. This Messenger bag looks perfect for going out on street shooting and that sort of thing where you don't want/need to take a lot of gear with you.

I would like to win this bag because my current bag isn't as weatherproof as this one is and I really hope that next year there will be rainy days to take photos during.

My current "urban" bag is a waistpack that leaves something to be desired in form and function. Need a better looking, better performing option. Think the Lowepro Pro Messenger 160 AW would fit the bill quite nicely.

I would use this bag to carry my gear with me everywhere, safe in the knowledge that there is no better protection for them!

The perfect discreet bag to protect my camera from the abuse it takes in the cab of my ambulance.

I have been walking through the beautiful city of Barcelona, with a LowePro slingshot on my back. Of course to heavy loaded with gear i never used. My back and shoulders hurt a lot. I really wonder if this nice bag, the Pro Messenger, is solving this problem.

I'll use it everywhere, as always!

I need to add one more bag to my lowepro collection so I can have a different Lowepro bag for every day of the week

I would finally have a camera bag that's easier to travel with.

My current lowepro bag is a backpack and I have to take it out and hold it level before unzipping it so everything doesn't come flying out.

And here I thought that our Christmas gift was the podcast. With all the wet weather would love to win the bag.

I'd use it to explore San Fransisco with my buddy who is great at candid photography.

I would use it to replace a freebie plastic lunch box currently used to house my camera and underwater housing, strobe and assorted giblets.

I would nimbly fill the bag to attend a 2013 Digital Story workshop.

I would hock this bag on ebay and use the funds for more glass :D

I think I'd use this bag on rainy days at Disneyland. I especially like the spots made for flash units.

I would use this bag with great appreciation!

This would be a great bag to have for my city walk photo excursions.

I would love this bag! Quite simply because it's a cool bag and I can't afford anything like it at present.

I have a couple of Lowepro bags, but all are on the larger side. This would make a great grab and go for my short jaunts.

I just bought an Olympus OMD EM5. I have a Lowepro Classified 160 AW but it's a bit big for the OMD! I'd use the bag for street , on location portraits and nature photos.

With my recent purchase of my Nikon D600, I ventured to Niagara Falls with my only camera bag available, my clunky big Tamarac bag. Knowing full well I was only going to use 2 lenses at most, I lugged it around + a tripod for several hours. I realized that I needed something a little more convenient for the "fun trips". Prior to purchasing current bag, I've always owned Lowepro (100 and 200 AW I believe) and have always been impressed with the design and quality, and I'm sure the Messenger would feel right at home :)