"Wind Shear, Memory Gain, iOS Tethering" - Digital Photography Podcast 350

Three stories this week, one in the air, one on the road, and the last tied to my computer.

"Wind Shear" Went flying over N. Cal this weekend. I came prepared for shooting through glass with my polarizer and rubber lens hood. But I also has the opportunity to take pictures with the window open. Sad what 130 MPH winds will do to a lens hood and polarizer.

"Memory Gain" People ask me often about backing up images on the road when I'm in nimble photographer mode. At the heart of that workflow is having enough memory cards so I don't have to overwrite them. Sometimes I'd get the response, "but I don't have enough memory for that." Have you seen the prices of memory cards lately?

"iOS Tethering" Aperture supports tethering of many Nikon and Canon DSLRs. But, did you know that tethering works with iOS devices to? And better yet, you can use the app ProCamera instead of the regular Camera app to capture the images. It's really kind of cool.

All of this and more on this week's episode of The Digital Story.

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your story on the rubber lens hood in the plane made me think of this product I heard of on other podcasts


Yes, the LensSkirt does look useful, especially in hotel rooms with big views and situations like that. Not so sure it would work in cramped quarters on a single prop plane. And if the wind caught that baby... goodbye!

Thanks for sharing the tip. I think it could be of use to many photographers.

The beer at your house more than made up for the cool blast, but I didn't really suffer from the open window once I put on my pull-over... always be prepared.

We covered a lot of Sonoma and Marin Countys in 90 minutes. About 180 miles after checking the route on Google Earth

Also looking forward to seeing more of your images!


Enjoyed your latest podcast. You mentioned you mainly use SD cards except when using the Canon 5DM2. Since I broke down a few weeks ago and purchased the Canon 5DM3 I have found myself using the SD card more then the CF card. The 5DM3 uses both so I have set the camera up to use both cards. So this gives me a backup. Speed maybe be a little slower, however if I am only shooting landscape or products then the speed is not that important. If I am shooting action (sports) then I may just go with the high speed CF card. I am finding the SD card more convenient since the MacBook Pro 15' Retina has a SD Card Reader. And you are correct as the price for good SD cards have come way down.