Questions About Making Your First SizzlPix?

With the current holiday sale of 50 percent off a second SizzlPix or 25 percent off a single order, lots of photographers from the TDS community are trying their first SizzlPix. And as a result, a few of you might have a question or two about preparing your images.

boats_fred_brundick.jpg "Baltimore Harbor" by Fred S. Brundick. This was Fred's first SizzlPix. He writes, "It should come as no surprise that everyone who sees my SizzlPix loves it. :-)"

I have a few tips here to get you started. But feel free to post additional questions too.

"What format do I need to use?" You can use JPEG or TIFF. I've used regular JPEGs with great results. Even images from my iPhone 4S have Sizzled up well.

"Do I need to do anything special in post production?" You don't. If you image looks good to your eye, then it will Sizzle up well. Don't over-sharpen! Let the SizzlPix secret sauce do its thing.

"The SizzlPix site seems a little homespun." It is indeed. All I can say is that the product is far better than the web site.

"How do I get the holiday discount?" All you have to do is enter "TDS" or "The Digital Story" in the comments field of your order. They will apply the discount (which is valid until Dec. 31, 2012).

If you have further questions, just post them here, and I will get an answer for you.

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My biggest concern is sharpening as there are 2 types. The artistic sharpening and the sharpening at export for the specific media. Should we reduce the artistic sharpening or the export sharpening or both and if how much?

Thanks, Derrick!

My advice is to retain your artistic sharpening (as long as you're not one of those guys who over-sharpens everything!), but turn off export sharpening. That should give you a fantastic SizzlPix.

So besides price, what consideration do you use for choosing a size? I like big prints, but they're a bit too pricey for me even with the discount, so I was wondering what's a good minimum size to go with for say a macro (abstractish) or landscape shot?

Hi Howard,

I totally get what you're saying about money. Having seen many different sizes for SizzlPix, however, I really think it's worth saving up for a 24" output. At that size, you can really appreciate the difference. My two favorite sizes are 24" and 30".

Hope that helps...