Budget Fisheye Photography with an iPhone

I've had a hankering to play with fisheye photography, but didn't have the budget for a lens for my OM-D. So I spent $16 and bought the 3in1 Fisheye Wide Angle Macro Lens kitfor my iPhone 4S. I went with this budget kit because it was affordable and included a snap-on case for the iPhone. That way I didn't have to apply any adhesive to the phone itself.

Plastic Vitamin Water Bottle
Inside of a plastic Vitamin Water bottle

I carry the lens in my pocket, then make crazy photography shots when I have a moment or two of downtime during my everyday life.

Beauty Salon
Beauty Salon

I'm having a blast, and I'm "scratching that fisheye itch" without dinging my credit card.

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How is the marco lens? I've been thinking about getting an olloclip or another brand macro for my iPhone 5.

Actually, the macro lens is pretty decent too. I was figuring that I would switch to carrying that around when I was ready for a change of pace.

This looks interesting, especially if the fish-eye itch is also a macro-itch. In some larger occasions where I have a fish-eye itch without the credit-card scratch, I use a series of photos that I glue together using the Hugin software. It takes a bit of time, but it works even if you leave your wallet at home!