iMovie for iPad Makes Video Editing Fun

Shooting video is a lot more fun than editing it. If you're one of those photographers who never took the iMovie dive, you might want to get your feet wet with iMovie for iOS and an iPad.

"Surfacing" was edited, produced, and shared solely on an iPad 3 running iMovie for iOS.

The $4.99 app available in the iTunes App Store is a great introduction to the power of non-linear video editing. You can trim, add transitions, move clips, add titles, manage sound tracks, and share your finished product online. By way of example, here's a short movie titled Surfacing, where all post production work was accomplished on an iPad 3 running iMovie.

I recommend that you use the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit to copy digital camera video to the iPad, then spend 30 minutes or so playing with it in iMovie. Apple provides a comprehensive Help Site to get you up to speed quickly.

Who ever thought that getting an iPad would finally get you into movie editing?

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Enjoyed the turtle video. I have the app but always use the Mac version. You have convinced me to try out the app. Thank you Derrick.

Actually, it works quite good on the iPad alone. Sure it depends if you adjust the the exposure right. Otherwise it gets too dark or too bright, the latter happened to me. It's good fun and makes the iPad useful.
Cheers, Bernd